Feb 26, 2014

New website

So, where am I?

Currently going through the motions in Tampa Florida. Sure that is most certainly where I am but dig much deeper and I just don't have a good answer.

I have been bonkers swamped the last few years.

Here is a brief run down.

In 2004 I opened RedLetter1 as my private studio in a second story suite in Ybor City. While I was there I ran a dozen art exhibits that at the time seemed pretty cool and now in hindsight seem hands down amazing. James Jean, Retna, Reyes, Saber, David Choong Lee, Jeff Soto, Regino Gonzales, Timothy Hoyer, Grime, Edu Cerro, Henry Lewis, Logan Hicks, Adam 5-100, Seth Armstrong, El Mac, Kofie….Its impossible to remember them all on the fly...Shawn Barber, Push, Mu pan, ….I can't even remember the whole list of artists that came through in the 18 months that they ran (sorry to those I didn't mention). Thing were great, Jeff Srsic had just moved down from Richmond to work with me business was rolling along just fine.

In spite of everything ticking along perfectly at RedLetter1, in 2005 Grime offered me a spot to come to SF and join himself, Marcus Pachecho and Yutaro Sakai reopen Primal Urge. I could'nt say "no"…Like I literally lacked the ability as if I was ruled by some extreme compulsion sowe made Jeff Srsic a partner at RedLetter1 and moved back west in June of 2006.

The in 2007, moved back to Tampa, Immediately Moved RedLetter1 to a ground location in Ybor City and within a few months my wife discovered that she was pregnant with our fourth child…It was at that point that I was sterilized.

Forth child, Remington, was born on 9-9-9 and we immediately bought a new, bigger house in Tampa. Within a few months we moved the studio to Hyde Park, Tampa. We found a super rad 1901 home that was zoned commercial and we rooted RedLetter1 deeply into the soil of Tampa.

In This time framed I have been painting my nuts off…I think I have completed 3 solo exhibits in the last 5 years and half a dozen group shows... and I started selling my hand made pigments, Old Gold to a few friend and then that blew up underneath me and turned into a full scale operation that I run with My friend Travis Terry.I have taken a 10 am and a 2 pm appointment 5 days a week for years, while painting at night and being a father and husband and having far too many hobbies (the key is not sitting down and not watching tv). But, honestly its not doing me any favors, My nerves are shot, my back doubly so… therefor effectively next week my schedule is wide open. No appointments. Nothing scheduled outside of the Salt lake city convention and a Trip to Norway where I am mainly experiencing Norway again and painting fjords from a cruise ship. Im not taking appointments and I am trying to spend a good few months painting for an exhibit I am having at the Yves La Roche gallery in Montreal with Timothy Hoyer, Edu Cerro and Lango Oliviera.

I do not know what my future looks like. There is a good chance that I will just go back to work because I apparently have issues relaxing and being still. I am trying tho.

Stay in touch if you're interested in getting tattooed.

You can text 8135450522 and my assistant will help you or you can email redletter1waitinglist@gmail.com and my assistant will help you.

I am effective retired….at least for a few weeks.


Mean while, If you find your self bored and want to look through new tattoo images I did put a new site up at philipdavidholt.com Give it a look. I plan on adding a bunch of older tattoos in the near future.

Jul 26, 2013


All these asshole tattoo sites keep jacking my blog and ruining my bandwidth...and then to boot the keep taking my images for their sites. So I deleted 80% of the pages that I have been building on here for the last 7 yrs. I will probably get around to adding a bunch off old images and then restarting with a bunch of new ones...or maybe I will just rebuild this whole page. First things first, Hawaii...time to pack! Either way, thanks for following. Fuck the leeches.